The conference succeeded to provide a deep insight into the current issues of young people and to explore new approaches in youth policy and youth work across South East Europe and Europe in general to all participants. The participants went back home with more questions about youth unemployment, structured dialogue, youth political (in)activism and e-participation of young people; this has been seen as a very positive sign, considering that the conference was intended to spark off thinking, discussions and follow up actions.

The conference also gave space to all participants for exchanging their good practices and experiences which ensured encouragement of young people to be multipliers of European values in their countries.

Last but not least, during the conference, the participants produced concrete recommendations which can be used by the different stakeholders, in particular in relation to the support of young people in the European integration of SEE countries.

Besides the participants’ wish to implement their own follow-up activities, there were developed set of common actions and plans aiming at the encouragement of young people to be the change what they want to see as well as a strong request for an action by the supporters of the conference to further build on the foundations of this conference was made by the participants.

A suggestion to take into account the results of the conference in any future activity and publications of the youth leaders and youth workers in the region was also made by the participants and by the international preparatory group. Moreover, participants suggested organizing follow-up workshops which would deepen more specific aspects related to the main conference topics.