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IYC 2020

The resulted deliverables from the 18th International Youth Conference was a final descriptive product with vison of the young people for the SEE region. We deem it important for the young people to present in front of the decision makers, to be heard and their vision and recommendations to be implemented. Young people are willing to actively participate into decision making processes and into shaping Europe present and future. With the conference we are highly dedicated into creating space where young people are going to present their vision for the region where they are living in, in front of the following decision makers: Members of the European Parliament, Representatives from the Directorate for Neighborhood and Enlargement, UN Delegation, Ambassadors representing the countries from the SEE region in the Republic of North Macedonia. We believe that dialogue and discussion between young people and decision makers is building strong institutional connection and evidence based on sustainable policies which were the main goal of the final session!

The final session that was dedicated on the presentations of the Youth Vision of the SEE region in front of the decision makers. Four representatives of the participatory group from different countries, Ms. Dora Varjacic from Croatia, Ms. Daria Janowicz, Poland and Mr. Burak Gün presented the vision.

For the young people as well as for the organizers was very important the youth vision of the SEE region to be heard from the relevant decision makers. We are happy to announce that on the final session together with the young people were Mr. Stevo Pendarovski, President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Ilhan Kyuchyuk, Member of the European Parliament and European Parliament Rapporteur for North Macedonia, Mr. Arbër Ademi, Chair of the Committee for European Affairs at the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Julian VASSALLO, Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union and Ms. Katrin Frühinsfeld, First Secretary of the German Embassy Skopje.