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IYC 2020

Striving towards to promote and facilitate the exchange of good practices two online live discussions on two different topics covered with the program of this year conference were organized. With the first online discussion on the topic "Beyond objectivity “hygiene of thoughts” and fake new's” we have involved 3 journalists: Mr. Sunai Sabrioiski, Vid Vaka; Mr. Gabriele Rosana Brussels-based journalist covering EU and foreign affairs topics and Mr. Hristijan Stanoevikj, EPI Centar.

The second online discussion was dedicated on the "Youth for sustainable development goals in the SEE region" whereby the following speakers were involved: Ms. Ana Jovanovska, Head of Sustainable Development Unit of Government of North Macedonia; Ms. Biljana Cvetanovska Gugoska, Program Officer, Head of Democratic Governance Unit UNDP Republic of North Macedonia, Ziva Lopatic, Zavod za pravicno trgovion, 3MUHE, Slovenia and Aleksandra Dimic, IDC, Serbia.

The online discussion involved directly more than 79 participants and were viewed from more than 600 audience.

The facilitation process for exchange of good practices was implemented in the period of quarantine due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Therefore, we had intention to have dynamic in the activities and we have implemented two podcasts. One of the podcasts was on the topic "Social distancing and distrust" with prof. Katerina Kolozova.

The second podcast was focused on the eradication of poverty with Ms. Biljana Dukovska, president of the Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform.

The podcasts covered more than 180 listeners.

By mobilizing the conference alumni, we have managed to have eight videos. One by one!