IPG team 2017
We are happy to share information about the International Preparatory Group 2017. Members of the International Preparatory group are at the heart of IYC work in between conferences, playing a key role facilitating action for the preparation of the next year conference. The selected IPG members have all demonstrated the skills, passion and commitment needed to serve and support the IYC community in the year ahead.
Congratulations to all newly selected IPG members for 2017!
Greece: Nikos Papakostas
Bulgaria: Dimitar Dimitrov
Macedonia: Damir Neziri
Serbia: Nemanja Zivkovic & Gordana Novaković
Germany: Marie Jelenka Kirchner
Slovenia: Iztok Zver
Kosovo: Liridon Hoxha
Romania: Mihaela Clincu
France: Audrey Dussel
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Edita Miftari