Preparatory meeting 2017
Four months in advance, YAK’s team started working with full steam on the next 15th anniversary conference striving towards comprehensive preparation for the conference supported by the power of the IYC alumni network. YAK’s team during the previous conference selected 11 new active youth leaders, youth workers and respectable non-governmental organizations from the region of Southeast Europe which revealed enthusiasm, and agreed to take to be part of the International preparatory group and along with the YAK’s team (conference team) to work on the next steps. In Belgrade from 19th till 21st of June was held the preparatory meeting of the 15th IYC.

Guided by YAK, at this meeting were reviewed and discussed several aspects of the upcoming conference. The main focus was the program preparation of the conference and action for more advanced and progressive development of IYC. The IPG will take the lead on reporting on the remarkable work that happens in between conferences. They all were committed to develop an attractive program and to maintain the intensity of the conference by developing inspiring and productive conference well as promoting the call for participation on the conference.