Proliferation vs creation of truth
Proliferation vs creation of truth

I am not a native English speaker. I try to use simple words, whether I speak English
or my mother tongue, Serbo-Croatian. I have never been familiar with complicated
words. What does actually "proliferation" mean? I had no clue what that was at the
moment when Biljana asked me to write this piece.
Luckily, there is Google, who knows almost everything (except when I want to find
my mom's friend from high school, then Google is useless). I searched this term and
these are the examples that Google Translate offered me.

- a continuing threat of nuclear proliferation
- the proliferation of nuclear arms
- there's a proliferation of pubs there
- stress levels are high, forcing upon them a proliferation of ailments
- we attempted to measure cell proliferation

Even though there is no similarity between nuclear and pubs proliferation (the other
one is nice), from these examples, and in context of the title, it's probably justified to
change this word with the word "spread". Spreading the truth is one of the most
difficult tasks, not only for journalists, but also for other people.

Why is it so? The answer is simple. There are more than one truth. When I say
"more than one truth", I don't mean that Hitler was a good guy. He wasn't. I just
mean there were also Germans who were saving Jews, as well as there were good
Serbs, good Croats, good Albanians and good Bosnians in the last Balkan conflict.
And that's the universal rule for every life situation. There might be something that
we don't know, but someone else does, which then becomes his or her truth. There
might be some good guy in the mass of bad guys that could be our friend forever,
regardless of his origin, political or other views. There might be the reason to change
our prejudices and start investigating our own versions of truth. Once we know more,
we will be better people, and will like ourselves more. We will be more open-minded
and happier in general.

The other choice is that we create the truth. Our own truth. Where only our people
were victims. Where only our heroes were real. Where only our history is relevant. In
that case we will stay encased forever, like carriage horses. If you would like to be a
carriage horse, then please make some boundaries, put them in your pockets and on
your head, cover everything left and right from your eyes, and just look straight. Do
not even think of listening to someone else, no matter how wrong it can be.

These two in a first place look like completely opposite approaches, but we all know
both sorts of people. The conference in Krusevo, whether you attend it in person or
online is a perfect chance to widen your horizons, get rid of prejudices and enter the
world of the citizens of the world.

It'ss completely up to you, but in case you choose to create your own truth, then don't
be sorry tomorrow when you wake up full of hate. The world is big enough for all of
us, do not choose hate.

Choose love!