IYC 2005

3rd International Youth Conference

“European values for the future of South-eastern European countries” – 2005

Through mutual regional approach towards the problems that influence the problems of the young people in all societies in the region of SEE and at the same time they represent problems that slow down the European integration, young people created continuous communication to the mutual purposes and values. The planned activities for the third conference were in continuance with the activities and conclusions of the two Youth International Conferences (“Promotion of the European Values and tolerance in the Balkan”, 2003 and “European Values in the countries of SE Europe 2004”; “European Future of SEE countries”) that were organized from Youth Alliance Krusevo.

At the conference 2005 we were working on the subjects with critical approach towards problems that influence the young people in the region of SEE and at the same time are obstacles towards the EU integration.

Results and materials

Youth Recommendations

- Development of the joint youth platform for cooperation and action of youth from the states of SE Europe towards strengthening the Euro integration processes trough promoting democratic values and new views for the future;

- Contribution in fulfilling the priorities from the agreement for Stabilization and association;

- Active participation in NGO sector in the direction that will speed the process of Euro integration of the region as a support of government activities of all the countries from the region;

- Giving positive contribution to societies of the region in the processes of Euro integration trough joint regional approach to the problems of youth from the region;

- To send a clear message to all conservative forces and movements that the dark ideas and scenarios without perspective- we accept only the democracy as a state establishment, tolerance and companionship as a way of thinking, freedom and movement and thinking as a way of life;

- Rise above all prejudice and stereotypes;

- Promotion of new values in the spirit of modern ambitions for Euro integration that is democracy, tolerance, multiculturalism;

- Developing the youth movement and creation of permanent alternative forms of network trough which will promote Euro values and visions as a support of Euro integrative processes of the region and making mutual cooperation;

- Creating conditions for forming of “Euro youth cultural capitals “which will present organizations that will contribute in the processes of integration in the region as an entity.

IYC 2005 ID


20th till 25th of August 2005


Krusevo, Republic of North Macedonia

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Secretariat for European affairs in North Macedonia. On.net.


Metodija Stojceski,

Radmila Gutevska,

Biljana Markovska,

Toski Stojceski,

Nikola Nikoloski,

Kire Avramovski.