IYC 2009

7th International Youth Conference

“European values for the future of South-eastern European countries” – 2009

Increasing the role of young people from SEE region in public life and in speeding up the process of European integration were the main objectives of the conference “European values for the Future of SEE countries – 2009”. “Seeking together for values, standards, factors, things that we have in common is in this period extremely relevant for the future of SEE region” – concluded young people in Krusevo from 11th to 15th of September,2009. Activities at the conference “European values for the Future of SEE countries” enabled implementation of these objectives through cooperation, active participation and promotion. You can review of the conference program that was implemented in 2009 on the following link.

With continuous communication, young people can reach their common goals and the most important goal of young people from this region is European integration of the countries. Very important for realization of this purpose is active participation of youth in each SEE country in speeding up the process of European integration. We, as young people, promote open mind behaviour and this way of thinking enables us crossing so many borders. The variety of languages, habits and cultural differences in SEE region may sometimes cause problems, but young people with their spirit and creative approach can focus on turning this obstacle into an opportunity.

Results and materials

A gradual and carefully managed enlargement policy is in the interest of the EU and the countries of Southeast Europe. Future enlargements will concern the countries of south-eastern Europe. Accession of the region has already started with the entry of Bulgaria and Romania. The accession of these two countries could be seen as a completion of the previous or as the beginning of the next enlargement. The EU enlargement process must continue to be based upon the principle of fulfilment of accession criteria, on one hand, and on full confirmation of the European perspective for all countries of South East Europe. Regional co-operation is a precondition for a successful integration into the EU, due to many reasons. It is a key factor in achieving political stability, security and economic development in the region. At the same time, regional cooperation is an area of immediate concern for the EU itself. Active involvement of youth leaders from the region of SE Europe in mutual acting towards speeding up the process of European integration may contribute to easier and faster fulfilment of accession criteria. Youth leaders can set out new initiatives for promoting people-to-people contacts for developing civil society and for enhancing the region's economic and social development. In this way they will contribute towards meeting the criteria for EU integration. The complete picture about the results of the 7th edition of the conference you can find in the brochure.

IYC 2009 ID


11th till 15th of September 2009


Krusevo, Republic of North Macedonia

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Stability Pact for South-eastern Europe sponsored by Germany


Friedrich Ebert Foundation, office Skopje


Metodija Stojceski,

Radmila Gutevska,

Biljana Markovska,

Toski Stojceski,

Nikola Nikoloski,

Kire Avramovski.