IYC 2014

12th International Youth Conference

“European values for the future of South-eastern European countries” – 2014

The 12th International Youth Conference “European values for the future of Southeastern European countries” was five days of intensive work that took place in Krusevo, Republic of Macedonia from 25th to 29th of September, 2014. The conference consisted of plenary sessions, panel discussions and interactive workshops which provided insights into the ideas, beliefs, preferences, attitudes, values and opinions of young people all over Southeast Europe. The conference was an ideal opportunity for networking and for discussions between different stakeholders. The program also introduced participants to a variety of funding and support programs that can be used for regional cooperation projects. This all led to an impressive set of action plans, aimed at bringing the European values as system of values close to our societies. The 12th International Youth Conference “European values for the future of Southeastern European countries” brought together fifty-five (55) active youth leaders from 15 countries (Macedonia (host country), Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Germany, Kosovo, Montenegro, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey) to discuss the current issues and explore new approaches in youth policy and youth work across the Southeastern European Countries. Having such a diverse group of youth leaders around the table is already an achievement in itself. The conference welcomed representatives from youth NGOs, youth networks, National Youth Councils, eminent experts on specific fields, policy-makers and researchers.

The overall aim of the International Youth Conference “European Values for the Future of Southeast European Countries” is the promotion of the European values among the active young people from SEE region.

Specific objectives for the conference 2014:

  • To facilitate effective partnerships between active young people and youth organizations from SEE region aiming at promotion of European values as common values;
  • To facilitate a process that strengthens effective youth participation in the decision making process by providing an learning experience that will equip the participants with skills and competences for promotion of active citizenship among the young people;
  • To create an inclusive platform with youth that enables them to share ideas, experiences and innovative approaches for effectively contributing to the youth unemployment issue;
  • To establish a follow-up mechanism that will support the young people in the regional implementation of the common conclusions.

Results and materials

All involved parties at the International Youth Conference are sharing the opinion that this event makes deep insight into the current issues of young people in the SEE region as well as inspiration for further youth actions devoted for bringing the European values closer to our societies. We are proud to conclude that the Conference succeeded in exploring new approaches in youth policy and youth work across South East Europe and Europe in general to all participants. The participants left the conference, not only with more knowledge, but also and with more profound awareness about EU influence in the SEE region, Erasmus plus, European crisis and challenges as well as post-socialistic nostalgia – do the past still exist; this has been seen as a very positive sign, considering that the conference was intended to spark of thinking, discussions and follow up actions. The conference also gave space to all participants for exchanging their good practices and experiences which ensured encouragement of young people to be multipliers of European values in their countries. Once again we showed that the conference is arena for sharing ideas, bringing new perspectives into the discussions and for finding new ways to dealing with today’s challenges. Established on the principle from the young people to the young people, the importance of the conference is in its revealing the problems of youth and offering constructive, objective and sustainable ways to approach them. This year, the five days journey provided deeply significant opportunities to the young people to fully explore the realities and possibilities for common European future. At the same time, the conference encouraged and provided the young people, participants, with comprehensive knowledge and experience about young people’s social inclusion, active citizenship, social responsibility and democratic values. And the most important, all encouragement forces of the conferences led to raising awareness among the young people for their responsibility for the future of SEE region! The overall achievements with the 13th edition of the conference you can find in the brochure.

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25th till 29th of September 2014


Krusevo, Republic of North Macedonia

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Stability Pact for South-eastern Europe sponsored by Germany


Friedrich Ebert Foundation, office Skopje


Metodija Stojceski,

Radmila Gutevska,

Biljana Markovska,

Toski Stojceski,

Nikola Nikoloski,

Kire Avramovski.