IYC 2018

16th International Youth Conference

“European values for the future of South-eastern European countries” – 2018

The 16th edition of the International Youth Conference “European Values for the future of SEE countries” traditionally took place in Krusevo, Republic of North Macedonia from 28th of September till 1st of October. Topics under discussion:

- The Future of Europe lies in the Western Balkans

- Enlargement Revisited, the Balkans and the future of the EU’s Political Project

- A New Fortress Europe

- Citizens’ role for a grass-root social change

- Social Inclusion and Diversity

Main aim of the conference was to bring together for 4 working days young leaders of SEE in age of 18 to 32 with main goal to debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the pressing issues the region faces. The conference, as well as in the previous years, strived towards to bring together the most active young leaders from the 16 countries of SEE, with different backgrounds, yet working in areas for European future of the region. The participants targeted were from 18 to 32 years old, particularly experienced in youth field, and were already familiar and experienced in the topics of discussion, positive change-makers with proven leadership abilities. Details about the conference program you can find at the conference program.

Results and materials

According to the evaluation report of the 16th edition of the conference, 71% of the participants assessed the event with 5 out of 5. 47.6 % think that the conference achieved its objectives 5 out of 5, while 33.3 % think that it achieved the objectives 4 out of 5. Regarding the benefits that the participants have gained (contacts, information, and knowledge) during the conference, 52.4% assessed it 5 out of 5, 42.8 % assessed it 4 out of 5. Overall, the conference was regarded as “The best international youth experience”, and in general as a high-quality event. The participants feel as main actors of the conference, producing real policies and discussing concrete issues for the future of the SEE region: “The conference really is an amazing initiative bringing so many people together and promoting social change. One of the main differences to other seminars, trainings etc. is, that we have created something. During those days we did not only sit, debate and discuss. But together we developed the policy brief which I personally am very excited for.”[Text Wrapping Break]The overall achievements with the 16th edition of the conference you can find in the brochure. Additionally, the media report is demonstrating highly demonstrated interest from the media for the event.

IYC 2018 ID


27th of September till 1st of October 2018


Krusevo, Republic of North Macedonia

number of pax:



Stability Pact for South-eastern Europe sponsored by Germany and CIVICA Mobilitas program


Friedrich Ebert Foundation, office Skopje


Dimitar Dimitrov (Bulgaria),

Gordana Novakovic (Serbia),

Marko Boko (Croatia),

Blazhen Maleski (Macedonia),

Petrus Theusniz (Netherlands),

Helena Gandra (Portugal),

Gabriele Rosana (Italy)