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IYC 2020

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic the preparation activities for the 18th edition of the International Youth Conference was combination of offline and online actions following the protocols in each country. We were working expansively on disseminating the call for participation and bringing the conference mission closer to the young people in the region. By actively engaging the partners and friends of the conference were organized more than 15 promotional activities by directly promotion of the opportunities provided by this event. These activities touched more than 350 people in the region.

The implementation of the intensive and interactive campaign on the social and traditional media secured broad dissemination of the planned program content of this year conference. We have published more than 18 videos, 4 online international discussions, 2 podcasts and 14 Instagram stories.

All of these activities resulted with 148 applications for participation on the conference and reach of more than 1200 online audience.